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THE FOST AT MAHl-BAH.                                          273
also the most sacred is that dedicated to Hathnra-natJi, which boasts of a
pyramidal tower, or sUckara, of some height and bulk, but constructed only of
brick and plaster. The Brahman in charge nsed to enjoy an endowment o£
Bs. 2 a day, the gift of Sindhia, but this has long lapsed. There are too ether
small shrines of some interest: in the one, the demon Trinavart is represented
as a pair of enormous wings overhanging the infant god; the other bears the
dedication of Maha Mall Bae5 * the great champion prince/ a title given to
Krishna after Ms discomfiture of tbe various evil spirits sent against Mm by
Great part of the town is occupied by a Mgh Ml!, partly natural and partly
artificial, extending over more than 100 bfghas of land, where stood the old
fort.* This is said to have been built by the same Band Katehra of Mewar to
whom is also ascribed the fort at Jalesar. According to a tradition current in
the Main-puri district, he had been driven from his own country by an invasion
of the Huhammadans, and took refuge with the Raja of Malm-ban, by name
Digpai, whose daughter his son, Kanh !Knnvar3 subsequently married and by
her became the ancestor of the tribe of Phatak Ahirs. It would seem that* on
the death of his father-in-law3 he succeeded to his dominions; for fee made a
grant of the whole of the township of MaM-ban to Ms PnroMt% or family
priests, who were Sanadh Brahman^ of the Pamsar clan. Their descendants
bear the distinctive title of Chaudhari, and still own two shares in Mah4-banf
called Thok Chaudhariyan. The fort was recovered by the MuhaDiinadans in the
reign of Ala-ud-din, by Sufi Yahya of Mashhad, who introduced himself and a
party of soldiers inside iihe walls in litters, disguised as Hindu ladies who wished
to visit the shrines of Syam Lala and Bohini The Eana was killed, and one-
third of the town was granted by the sovereign to Saiyid Tahya. His sharef
* With the exception of the Kfe, or keep, the reet of the kill is knawn m the Jot,
f The division of proprietary rights in Msha-ban is of reiy perplexing cfaaractor^ the
several shares bei&g very different In extent from what their names seem to indicate,   Tlie
total area is $,529 bighas and 10 Mawas, diiferifaiited aa follows:—              Blghas.   Bis.
The 11 biswa Thok Cfeaudhany&i        .*.             ...                19S97   10
Tbe  9      ditto             ditto               «.             ^                  70S    4
The Thok SaiyMtt              ...             ~             -..                  570   19
Free lands resumed by GoTerament      ...             -..                1,760    4
Common land      ,..             ...             »**             •>«                %I07   IS
Total             *»,                6,52®   10
Oae-thitd of tbe profits of &e commffli land go« to the Salyife \ ifae remaiaii^ two-tMri§
are then again sub-divided into thiee, of which one f&it g-oes to the 9 MBWE ttsok aad Hwo to
tbe 11 Mswas,